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Optimal conditions for gas cluster ion beams in studying inorganic interface species: improved chemical information at a ZnO interface

Naoko Sano, Anders J Barlow, Costas Tsakonas, Wayne Cranton, Peter J Cumpson



We have observed for the first time a subtle chemical change in the oxidation state of Zn at the interface between a ZnO thin film and a glass substrate using gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) depth-profiling. A combination of monoatomic and gas clusters was used for etching, allowing the removal of the surface rapidly using the monoatomic ion beam yet still yield a less damaged surface by removing the damaged layer using the argon GCIB as a final step. With this combined method, the depth-profile shows the transition of Zn from oxide to metal at the interface, which the monoatomic ion source if used alone would damage. This data indicates that the initial layers of the film did not undergo as muc..

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