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Inhibitor of differentiation proteins protect against oxidative stress by regulating the antioxidant-mitochondrial response in mouse beta cells

Mohammed Bensellam, Magdalene K Montgomery, Jude Luzuriaga, Jeng Yie Chan, D Ross Laybutt

DIABETOLOGIA | SPRINGER | Published : 2015


AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: Oxidative stress is implicated in beta cell glucotoxicity in type 2 diabetes. Inhibitor of differentiation (ID) proteins are transcriptional regulators induced by hyperglycaemia in islets, but the mechanisms involved and their role in beta cells are not clear. Here we investigated whether or not oxidative stress regulates ID levels in beta cells and the role of ID proteins in beta cells during oxidative stress. METHODS: MIN6 cells were cultured in H2O2 or ribose to induce oxidative stress. ID1, ID3 and small MAF proteins (MAFF, MAFG and MAFK) were inhibited using small interfering RNA. Isolated islets from Id1(-/-), Id3(-/-) and diabetic db/db mice were used. RESULTS: ID1-4 ..

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