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Enrollment challenges in multicenter, international studies: The example of the GAS trial

Katherine R Gentry, Sarah J Arnup, Nicola Disma, Liam Dorris, Jurgen C de Graaff, Agnes Hunyady, Neil S Morton, Davinia E Withington, Mary Ellen McCann, Andrew J Davidson, Anne M Lynn



INTRODUCTION: Randomized trials are important for generating high-quality evidence, but are perceived as difficult to perform in the pediatric population. Thus far there has been poor characterization of the barriers to conducting trials involving children, and the variation in these barriers between countries remains undescribed. The General Anesthesia compared to Spinal anesthesia (GAS) trial, conducted in seven countries between 2007 and 2013, provides an opportunity to explore these issues. METHODS: We undertook a descriptive analysis to evaluate the reasons for variation in enrollment between countries in the GAS trial, looking specifically at the number of potential subjects screened, ..

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