Conference Proceedings

String stability for predecessor following platooning over lossy communication channels

A Maass Martinez, Francisco Vargas, Andres Peters

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | Published : 2018


We study a platooning scheme where the communication between agents is made through lossy channels. Each agent is modelled as a discrete-time LTI system controlled by a discrete-time LTI controller. The lossy channels are modelled using Bernoulli processes that represent random data dropouts. We consider a scheme that forces inter-vehicle spacings that increase with agents velocities. This is known as a constant time headway spacing policy, which has been shown to provide string stability for predecessor-following architectures. We analyse how the lossy channels impact the platoon string stability.

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Chilean research agency CONICYT through FONDECYT grant No. 3160738, FONDECYT grant No. 1161241 and by the Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engineering, AC3E, Basal Project FB0008.