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Effects of Fano Resonance on Optical Chirality of Planar Plasmonic Nanodevices

Y Hwang, S Lee, S Kim, J Lin, XC Yuan

ACS Photonics | Published : 2018


The effects of Fano resonance on the optical chirality of planar plasmonic nanodevices in the visible wavelength range are experimentally observed and theoretically explained. The nanodevice consists of a nanodisk at the center with surrounding six gold nanorods with an orientation angle to exhibit optical chirality under dark-field illumination. The chiral response induced by the gold nanorods is affected by the presence of the nanodisk with different diameters which causes Fano resonance of different coupling strength. An intriguing change to the opposite selection preference of different handedness of the circularly polarized light has been clearly observed experimentally. This change of ..

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