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A subtilisin-like serine protease essential for mucilage release from Arabidopsis seed coats

Carsten Rautengarten, Bjoern Usadel, Lutz Neurnetzler, Juergen Hartmann, Dirk Buessis, Thomas Altmann

PLANT JOURNAL | WILEY | Published : 2008


During Arabidopsis seed development large quantities of mucilage, composed of pectins, are deposited into the apoplast underneath the outer wall of the seed coat. Upon imbibition of mature seeds, the stored mucilage expands through hydration and breaks the outer cell wall that encapsulates the whole seed. Mutant seeds carrying loss-of-function alleles of AtSBT1.7 that encodes one of 56 Arabidopsis thaliana subtilisin-like serine proteases (subtilases) do not release mucilage upon hydration. Microscopic analysis of the mutant seed coat revealed no visible structural differences compared with wild-type seeds. Weakening of the outer primary wall using cation chelators triggered mucilage release..

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