Reading the Country: 30 Years On

Chris Healy (ed.), Philip MORRISSEY (ed.)

UTS ePress | Published : 2018


Steeped in story-telling and endlessly curious, Reading the Country: An Introduction to Nomadology (1984) was the product of Paddy Roe, Stephen Muecke and Krim Benterrak experimenting with what it might be like to think together about country. Their book has since become one of the great twentieth-century works of intercultural dialogue. Reading the Country: 30 Years On is a celebration of that book—examining not only its place and time of creation but also its movement across social, philosophical and political surfaces, seeping into the way we look and learn and teach about how people are, or could be, part of country. Recalling a spirit of intellectual risk and respect, in this collecti..

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