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Neutrophils instruct homeostatic and pathological states in naïve tissues

Maria Casanova‑Acebes, José A Nicolás‑Ávila, Jackson LiangYao Li, Susana García‑Silva, Akhila Balachander, Andrea Rubio‑Ponce, Linnea A Weiss, José M Adrover, Kyle Burrows, Noelia A‑González, Ivan Ballesteros, Sapna Devi, Juan A Quintana, Georgiana Crainiciuc, Magdalena Leiva, Matthias Gunzer, Christian Weber, Takashi Nagasawa, Oliver Soehnlein, Miriam Merad Show all

Journal of Experimental Medicine | Rockefeller University Press | Published : 2018


Immune protection relies on the capacity of neutrophils to infiltrate challenged tissues. Naive tissues, in contrast, are believed to remain free of these cells and protected from their toxic cargo. Here, we show that neutrophils are endowed with the capacity to infiltrate multiple tissues in the steady-state, a process that follows tissue-specific dynamics. By focusing in two particular tissues, the intestine and the lungs, we find that neutrophils infiltrating the intestine are engulfed by resident macrophages, resulting in repression of Il23 transcription, reduced G-CSF in plasma, and reinforced activity of distant bone marrow niches. In contrast, diurnal accumulation of neutrophils withi..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft grants CRC914-B08 and CRC1123-B04 to O. Soehnlein and C. Weber; intramural funding from A* STAR to S. Devi and L.G. Ng; Ministerio de Economia, Inovacion, y Universidades (MCIU) grant no. SAF2012-31142 and Comunidad de Madrid grants S2010/BMD-2314 and SAF2013-49662-EXP to A. Hidalgo; MCIU BES grant 2010-032828 to M. Casanova-Acebes, grant SVP-2014-068595 to J.A. Nicolas-Avila, grant BES-2013-065550 to J.M. Adrover, grant JCI-2012-14147 to L.A. Weiss, grant JCI-2012-12659 to N.A-Gonzalez, and grant MSCA-IF-EF-748381 to I. Ballesteros from the H2020 Program from the EU. A. Mortha is the Tier 2 Canadian Research Chair in Mucosal Immunology and supported by an Operating Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR 388337). The CNIC is supported by the MCIU and the Pro CNIC Foundation, and is a Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence (MCIU award SEV-2015-0505).