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Identifying appropriate land-use mix measures for use in a national walkability index

Suzanne Mavoa, Claire Boulange, Serryn Eagleson, Joshua Stewart, Hannah M Badland, Billie Giles-Corti, Lucy Gunn



Walkability indices can guide planning and policy for more sustainable and liveble cities. Land-use mix is an important component of walkability that can be measured in a number of ways. Many landuse mix measures require fine-scaled land-use data that are not always available, especially when analyzing walkability across larger geographic extents. This study investigated the feasibility of calculating a national walkability index in Australia, using metropolitan Melbourne as a case study. The study focused on the dual challenges of selecting an appropriate measure of land-use mix and identifying an appropriate land-use data source. We calculated an entropy land-use mix measure with three d..

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SM was in part supported by an ARC funded Linkage project: Understanding how local and regional accessibility are associated with active travel, and related health and economic impacts (LP140100680) and is also supported by an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (#1121035).SM, HB, LG, and CB were in part supported by VicHealth, and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Centre of Research Excellence in Healthy Liveable Communities (#1061404). HB is supported by an RMIT University Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellowship.SM, HB, and SE were in part supported by The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre (#9100001) with funding provided by NHMRC, ACT Health, NSW Health, the Australian National Preventive Health Agency, the Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia and the HCF Research Foundation are gratefully acknowledged. BGC was supported by an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow Award (#1107672) and VicHealth.