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Solar Curtailment Requirements in Low Voltage Networks: Impact of Climate and Building Wall Types in Australia

J Jazaeri, T Alpcan, RL Gordon

IEEE | Published : 2018


© 2018 IEEE. Solar curtailment is the reduction of so-lar generation to prevent high voltage excursions in a power distribution grid. In this paper, the effects of the Australian climate and building wall types on low voltage networks (LVN) are investigated using droop-based solar curtailment control. Residential solar curtailment requirements of a residential LVN is compared in ten Australian cities, covering all major Australian climate zones. In each city, two types of building walls are compared: timber cladding walls (low thermal inertia) and double brick walls (high thermal inertia). The LVN with high-thermal-inertia buildings has more over-voltage problems and has 1%-7% more solar cur..

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