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Breaking out: Rash translations

K Are

Double Dialogues | Published : 2018


'Breaking Out' consists of two series of creative works of very different kinds, though of a piece: First, eight mixed-media prints featuring eight found poems that break up and arrange a dialogue between: 1. The English translation of Derrida’s Glas (1974; trans. 1986); 2. A selection of the critical commentary around Glas, which incessantly credits the work with achieving an absolute break with all genre traditions; and3. The Jean Genet essay on which Glas is, in turn, a commentary, ‘What remains of a Rembrandt torn into four equal pieces and flushed down the toilet’ (1958; trans. 1985). In the science of map-making, ‘topography’ denotes a place; ‘chorography’ denotes partial places, elem..

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