Book Chapter

Understanding and responding to adolescent risk-taking behaviours and addictions in the school setting

MA Tollit, S Hemphill, JW Toumbourou

Handbook of Australian School Psychology: Integrating International Research, Practice, and Policy | Published : 2017


Risk-taking behaviours include self-harm, dangerous activity increasing the probability of death and injury; sexual experimentation; gambling and substance use, all of which increase the probability of adverse health and social consequences (e.g. Toumbourou & Catalano, 2005; Toumbourou, Olsson, Rowland, Renati, & Hallam, 2014). Engaging in risk-taking behaviour (also referred to as problem behaviour) poses direct and indirect threats to the health, wellbeing and safety of individuals and to the wider society (Toumbourou et al., 2014). As will be described later, participation in these behaviours also carries secondary psychological, physical and educational consequences in the short and long..

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