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Corrigendum: The threats to Australia's imperilled species and implications for a national conservation response (Pacific Conservation Biology (2019) 25 (231-244) DOI: 10.1071/PC18024)

SG Kearney, J Carwardine, AE Reside, DO Fisher, M Maron, TS Doherty, S Legge, J Silcock, JCZ Woinarski, ST Garnett, BA Wintle, JEM Watson

Pacific Conservation Biology | Published : 2019


Since European occupation of Australia, human activities have caused the dramatic decline and sometimes extinction of many of the continent’s unique species. Here we provide a comprehensive review of threats to species listed as threatened under Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Following accepted global categories of threat, we find that invasive species affect the largest number of listed species (1257 species, or 82% of all threatened species); ecosystem modifications (e.g. fire) (74% of listed species) and agricultural activity (57%) are also important. The ranking of threats was largely consistent across taxonomic groups and the degree of species..

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