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Incidence, Patient Characteristics, Mode of Drug Delivery, and Outcomes of Septic Shock Patients Treated With Vasopressors in the Arise Trial

Andrew A Udy, Mark Finnis, Daryl Jones, Anthony Delaney, Stephen Macdonald, Rinaldo Bellomo, Sandra Peake, V Bennett, J Board, P McCracken, S McGloughlin, V Nanjayya, A Teo, E Hill, P Jones, E O'Brien, F Sawtell, K Schimanski, D Wilson, R Bellomo Show all



INTRODUCTION: To describe the utilization of vasopressors (VP) in patients enrolled in the Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation (ARISE) trial, and to explore the association between time to VP and 90-day mortality. METHODS: The primary exposure variable was VP use after arrival in the emergency department (ED). Vasoactive agents considered as VP included: norepinephrine, epinephrine, metaraminol, or vasopressin. Time-to-event analysis, multivariable logistic regression, and propensity-matched treatment effects modeling were used to assess the association between time to VP and 90-day mortality. RESULTS: In total 1,102 of 1,588 patients (69%) in ARISE received VP at any point. The ..

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