Conference Proceedings

Impact of stress path on fine particles role in internally unstable soils

M Ahmadi, A Mehdizadeh, V Khalili, MM Disfani

Scour and Erosion IX - Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Scour and Erosion, ICSE 2018 | Published : 2019


The role that fine particles play in the soil stress matrix or skeleton is one of the most important influential factors on the soil response under hydraulic forces and consequently in internal erosion. This study investigates the impact of the stress path on the contribution of the fine particles in the gap-graded granular cohesionless soil fabric through Discrete Element Method (DEM). The coordination number of the fine particles and their stress reduction factor (α) value as strong indicators of fine parti-cle’s contribution to soil fabric are both investigated. Results of DEM simulations suggest that the role of fine particles in soil stress matrix can change under different stress paths..

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