Book Chapter

A Foreword to Backwards

J Hattie, Andy Griffith, Mark Burns

Teaching Backwards | Corwin House Publishing | Published : 2014


So many lessons start with an engaging activity, move to the explanation, and then provide practice and ‘doing’. There are many variants of this ‘tell and use’ or ‘chug and plug’ form of lesson, but they are the norm. Students are expected to work along with the teacher; in time all will be revealed and knowledge will be gained. Many students are quite happy with this approach: it is predictable – just wait and the teacher will tell you what to do next. Is it not the case, after all, that students come to school to watch the teachers teach! Certainly, by the time they get to tertiary study, the die is cast – just tell me what to do, I will do it, and then you can tell me how well I did. Inde..

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