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Social exchange spillover in leader-member relations: A multilevel model

Ying Chen, Zhen Xiong Chen, Lifeng Zhong, Jooyeon Son, Xiujuan Zhang, Zhiqiang Liu

Journal of Organizational Behavior | Wiley | Published : 2015


Drawing on role theory and the cultural theory of collectivism, we developed and tested a multilevel model of social exchange spillover in leader–member relations in the Chinese context. In Mplus analyses of a sample of 213 subordinates from 47 groups, we found that, at the individual level, a dimension of leader–member guanxi (LMG), leader–member personal life inclusion (LMG‐P), which is defined as the extent to which leaders and members include each other in their personal or family lives, can spill over to affect subordinates' contextual performance (i.e., interpersonal facilitation and job dedication); furthermore, this effect was moderated by subordinates' horizontal collectivism orient..

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