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Social Exchange Spillover in Leader-Member Relations: A Cross-Domain Approach

J Son, Ying Chen, Zhen-Xiong Chen, Lifeng Zhong

Academy of Management Proceedings | Academy of Management Meeting | Published : 2014


In this study, drawing on boundary theory and social exchange theory, we developed and tested a social exchange spillover model in leader-member relations. We argued that social exchange relationships developed at the private domain can spillover to the work domain to affect work outcomes. Using a sample of 220 employees from 46 groups, we found that socializing together with supervisors at the private domain, termed as leader-member personal life inclusion (LMG-P) can spillover to affect contextual performance but this effect was qualified by an interaction effect. Employees’ collectivism moderated the relationship between LMG-P and contextual performance such that LMG-P can spillover to af..

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