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Elimination of Vesicular Zinc Alters the Behavioural and Neuroanatomical Effects of Social Defeat Stress in Mice

Brendan McAllister, David Wright, Ryan Wortman, Sandy Shultz, Richard Dyck

Published : 2018


ABSTRACT Chronic stress can have deleterious effects on mental health, increasing the risk of developing depression or anxiety. But not all individuals are equally affected by stress; some are susceptible while others are more resilient. Understanding the mechanisms that lead to these differing outcomes has been a focus of considerable research. One unexplored mechanism is vesicular zinc – zinc that is released by neurons as a neuromodulator. We examined how chronic stress, induced by repeated social defeat, affects mice that lack vesicular zinc due to genetic deletion of zinc transporter 3 (ZnT3). These mice, unlike wild type mice, did not become socially avoidant of a novel conspecific, su..

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