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Incorporating storage as a flexible transmission asset in power system operation procedure

M Almassalkhi, Y Dvorkin, J Marley, R Fernández-Blanco, I Hiskens, D Kirschen, J Martin, H Pandžić, T Qiu, M Sarker, M Vrakopoulou, Y Wang, M Xue

19th Power Systems Computation Conference, PSCC 2016 | Published : 2016


Managing uncertainty caused by the large-scale integration of wind power is a challenge in both the day-ahead planning and real-time operation of a power system. Increasing system flexibility is the key factor in preserving operational reliability. While distributed energy storage is a promising way to increase system flexibility, its benefits have to be optimally exploited to justify its high installation cost. Optimally operating distributed energy storage in an uncertain environment requires decisions on multiple time scales. Additionally, storage operation needs to be coordinated with the scheduling and dispatching of conventional generators. This paper proposes and demonstrates a three-..

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