Conference Proceedings

Researching the use of ICT to teach mathematics – the case of mathematically able software

K Stacey, Johan Häggström (ed.), Eva Norén (ed.), Jorryt van Bommel (ed.), Judy Sayers (ed.), Ola Helenius (ed.), Yvonne Liljekvist (ed.)

Swedish Society for Research in Mathematics Education | Published : 2016


The purpose of this paper is to present a broad survey of research questions, methods, and a few findings from over twenty years of research with various colleagues centred around the University of Melbourne and to suggest important issues for research. The paper will focus on questions specifically related to mathematics teaching and to the use of what we call ”mathematically-able software”. This is only a part of the ICT that mathematics teachers use, and indeed our projects extend beyond this focus (see for example Pierce & Stacey 2011; Price, Stacey, Steinle & Gvozdenko 2013; Stacey & Wiliam 2013). However, the focus on mathematically-able software is a critical one because this is the s..

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