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Longitudinal patterns of amphetamine use from adolescence to adulthood: A latent class analysis of a 20-year prospective study of Australians

GCK Chan, P Butterworth, D Becker, L Degenhardt, E Stockings, W Hall, G Patton

Drug and Alcohol Dependence | Elsevier | Published : 2019


Background: To examine the longitudinal patterns of amphetamine use over twenty years from adolescence to the mid-thirties; and identify adolescent antecedents of future problematic patterns of use. Design: Ten-wave longitudinal study following participants from age 15 to age 35 in Victoria, Australia. Participants (N = 1755; 47% males) first enrolled in the Victoria Adolescent Health Cohort Study in 1992. Measurements: Outcome: Self-reported frequency of amphetamine use. Predictors: Gender, depression and anxiety, peer alcohol and tobacco use; self-reported alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use, self-reported adolescent antisocial behavior. Findings: Three different longitudinal patterns were i..

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