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Assessment of single beat end-systolic elastance methods for quantifying ventricular contractility

Naomi Wo, Vijay Rajagopal, Michael MH Cheung, Joseph J Smolich, Jonathan P Mynard

Heart and Vessels | Springer Verlag | Published : 2019


Multi-beat end-systolic elastance (EMB) is considered a gold-standard index of ventricular contractility. However, it is difficult to measure clinically due to the need for transient manipulation of ventricular preload or afterload. We compared the performance of 5 ‘single-beat’ methods that do not require loading interventions, for estimating the equivalent of EMB. In 7 sheep instrumented with a micromanometer/conductance catheter, single-beat methods were compared with EMB, obtained after transiently decreasing preload or increasing afterload under a broad range of heart rates and inotropic conditions. The single-beat elastance (ESB) method described by Shishido et al. (Circulation 102(16)..

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Funding Acknowledgements

J.P.M is supported by a co-funded Career Development Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia and Future Leader Fellowship from the National Heart Foundation of Australia. The Heart Research group at MCRI is supported the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program.