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A game-theoretic analysis of the adversarial boyd-kuramoto model

A Demazy, A Kalloniatis, T Alpcan

Decision and Game Theory for Security 9th International Conference, GameSec 2018 | SpringerLink | Published : 2018


The “Boyd” model, also known as the “OODA loop”, represents the cyclic decision processes of individuals and organisations in a variety of adversarial situations. Combined with the Kuramoto model, which provides a mathematical foundation for describing the behaviour of a set of coupled or networked oscillators, the Boyd-Kuramoto model captures strategic (cyclic) decision making in competitive environments. This paper presents a novel game-theoretic approach to the Boyd-Kuramoto dynamical model in complex and networked systems. A two-player, Red versus Blue, strategic (non-cooperative) game is defined to describe the competitive interactions and individual decision cycles of Red and Blue agen..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported through the Australian Defence Science and Technology Group’s Strategic Research Initiative ‘Modelling Complex Warfighting’ and in part by the Australian Research Council Discovery Project under Grant DP140100819