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To recognize the usage of Chironomus (Camptochironomus) pallidtvittatus sensu Edwards 1929 and to suppress the Chironomus pallidivittatus Malloch 1915 name

J Martin, MG Butler, NA Shobanov, II Kiknadze

Zoologicheskii Zhurnal | Published : 2011


The name of Chironomus pallidivittatus sensu Edwards, a species from Europe described by Edwards, is widely used by specialists, whereas the use of the Malloch's original C. tentans variety is limited. In the light of the widespread use of the name Chironomus pallidivittatus sensu Edwards, particularly in fields outside taxonomy coupled with virtually no studies on the C. tentans variety C pallidivittatus Malloch, we would recommend that the original Malloch application of the name should be suppressed in favour of Edwards' 1929 application of this name. At the same time, the mixing by Townes (1945) of C. pallidivittatus s. Malloch and C tentans Fabricius to synonymous was not right. The det..

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