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Ordinary people associate addiction with loss of free will.

Andrew J Vonasch, Cory J Clark, Stephan Lau, Kathleen D Vohs, Roy F Baumeister

Addictive Behaviors Reports | Published : 2017


Introduction: It is widely believed that addiction entails a loss of free will, even though this point is controversial among scholars. There is arguably a downside to this belief, in that addicts who believe they lack the free will to quit an addiction might therefore fail to quit an addiction. Methods: A correlational study tested the relationship between belief in free will and addiction. Follow-up studies tested steps of a potential mechanism: 1) people think drugs undermine free will 2) people believe addiction undermines free will more when doing so serves the self 3) disbelief in free will leads people to perceive various temptations as more addictive. Results: People with lower belie..

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