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Yield potential definition of the chilling requirement reveals likely underestimation of the risk of climate change on winter chill accumulation

Jose Antonio Campoy, Rebecca Darbyshire, Elisabeth Dirlewanger, Jose Quero-Garcia, Benedicte Wenden

International Journal of Biometeorology | Springer Verlag | Published : 2019


Evaluation of chilling requirements of cultivars of temperate fruit trees provides key information to assess regional suitability, according to winter chill, for both industry expansion and ongoing profitability as climate change progresses. Traditional methods for calculating chilling requirements use climate-controlled chambers and define chilling requirements (CR) using a fixed bud burst percentage, usually close to 50% (CR-50%). However, this CR-50% definition may estimate chilling requirements that lead to flowering percentages that are lower than required for orchards to be commercially viable. We used sweet cherry to analyse the traditional method for calculating chilling requirements..

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