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Overlapping dimensional phenotypes of impulsivity and compulsivity explain co-occurrence of addictive and related behaviors.

Jeggan Tiego, Sanne Oostermeijer, Luisa Prochazkova, Linden Parkes, Andrew Dawson, George Youssef, Erin Oldenhof, Adrian Carter, Rebecca A Segrave, Leonardo F Fontenelle, Murat Yücel

CNS Spectr | Published : 2019


OBJECTIVE: Impulsivity and compulsivity have been implicated as important transdiagnostic dimensional phenotypes with potential relevance to addiction. We aimed to develop a model that conceptualizes these constructs as overlapping dimensional phenotypes and test whether different components of this model explain the co-occurrence of addictive and related behaviors. METHODS: A large sample of adults (N = 487) was recruited through Amazon's Mechanical Turk and completed self-report questionnaires measuring impulsivity, intolerance of uncertainty, obsessive beliefs, and the severity of 6 addictive and related behaviors. Hierarchical clustering was used to organize addictive behaviors into homo..

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