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Immediate effects of valgus knee bracing on tibiofemoral contact forces and knee muscle forces

Michelle Hall, Laura E Diamond, Gavin K Lenton, Claudio Pizzolato, David J Saxby



Background Valgus knee braces have been reported to reduce the external knee adduction moment during walking. However, mechanistic investigations into the effects of valgus bracing on medial compartment contact forces using electromyogram-driven neuromusculoskeletal models are limited. Research question What are the immediate effects of valgus bracing on medial tibiofemoral contact forces and muscular loading of the tibiofemoral joint? Methods Sixteen (9 male) healthy adults (27.7 ± 4.4 years) performed 20 over-ground walking trials at self-selected speed both with and without an Ossür Unloader One® brace. Assessment order (i.e., with or without brace) was randomised and counterbalanced to p..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Funding for this project was provided by Griffith University School of Allied Health Sciences Strategic Research Grant and by Ossur Orthopaedics, Iceland. MH is supported by a Sir Randal Heymanson Research Fellowship from The University of Melbourne. The study sponsors did not play any role in the study design, collection, analysis or interpretation of data; nor in the writing of the manuscript or decision to submit the manuscript for publication. The authors wish to thank Micah Nicholls (Ossur, USA), who provided the braces and consulting assistance.