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Consumer and clinician perspectives on personalising breast cancer prevention information

LA Keogh, E Steel, P Weideman, P Butow, IM Collins, JD Emery, GB Mann, A Bickerstaffe, AH Trainer, LJ Hopper, KA Phillips



BACKGROUND: Personalised prevention of breast cancer has focused on women at very high risk, yet most breast cancers occur in women at average, or moderately increased risk (≤moderate risk). OBJECTIVES: To determine; 1) interest of women at ≤ moderate risk (consumers) in personalised information about breast cancer risk; 2) familial cancer clinicians' (FCCs) perspective on managing women at ≤ moderate risk, and; 3) both consumers' and FCCs reactions to iPrevent, a personalised breast cancer risk assessment and risk management decision support tool. METHODS: Seven focus groups on breast cancer risk were conducted with 49 participants; 27 consumers and 22 FCCs. Data were analysed thematically...

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