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The International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium (I4C): A research platform of prospective cohorts for studying the aetiology of childhood cancers

Gabriella Tikellis, Terence Dwyer, Ora Paltiel, Gary S Phillips, Stanley Lemeshow, Jean Golding, Kate Northstone, Andy Boyd, Sjurdur Olsen, Akram Ghantous, Zdenko Herceg, Mary H Ward, Siri E Haberg, Per Magnus, Jorn Olsen, Marin Strom, Somdat Mahabir, Rena R Jones, Anne-Louise Ponsonby, Jacqueline Clavel Show all



BACKGROUND: Childhood cancer is a rare but leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Established risk factors, accounting for <10% of incidence, have been identified primarily from case-control studies. However, recall, selection and other potential biases impact interpretations particularly, for modest associations. A consortium of pregnancy and birth cohorts (I4C) was established to utilise prospective, pre-diagnostic exposure assessments and biological samples. METHODS: Eligibility criteria, follow-up methods and identification of paediatric cancer cases are described for cohorts currently participating or planning future participation. Also described are exposure assessments, harmonisati..

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Awarded by Murdoch Children's Research Institution

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NIH intramural research programme (NCI, NICHD)-USA; National Children's Study-USA; Tour de Cure-Australia; The Children's Cancer Centre Foundation-Australia; Bluey Day Foundation-Australia; Baxter Family Foundation-Australia; The Rotary Club of North Brighton-Australia; Private philanthropic donations-Australia; Murdoch Children's Research Institution, Grant/Award Number: M1300049; The UK Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust, Grant/Award Number: 092731; The University of Bristol; The Maria Ascoli Foundation, Jerusalem, Israel; The Research Council of Norway; Innovation Fund Denmark, Grant/Award Number: 09-067124; Institut National du Cancer (INCa, Plan Cancer-EVA-INSERM, France)