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Metrics of progress in the understanding and management of threats to Australian birds

ST Garnett, SHM Butchart, GB Baker, E Bayraktarov, KL Buchanan, AA Burbidge, ALM Chauvenet, L Christidis, G Ehmke, M Grace, DG Hoccom, SM Legge, I Leiper, DB Lindenmayer, RH Loyn, M Maron, P McDonald, P Menkhorst, HP Possingham, J Radford Show all

Conservation Biology | WILEY | Published : 2019

University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

We are grateful to all those who provided input into the assessment of threats and progress, including D. Bain, L. Baker, D. Baker-Gabb, P. Bell, A. Black, L. Bluff, H. Bower, A. Briggs, P. Buosi, T. Burnard, H. Campbell, N. Carlile, M. Christian, R. Clarke, S. Comer, A. Desmond, N. Dunlop, D. Egan, H. Ford, D. Geering, I. Gynther, J, Hardy, R. Heinsohn, M. Herring, B. Hill, F. Hill, R. Hill, M. Holdsworth, W. Houston, V. Hurley, R. Johnstone, M. Mathieson, P. Mawson, S. Murphy, M. Newman, L. Ortiz, C. Pavey, M. Pickett, D. Portelli, I. Radford, K. Ravich, M. Read, J. Schoenjahn, R. Seaton, J. Smith, J. Sommerfeld, D. Stewart, C. Surman, M. Todd, T. Vale, E. Vanderduys, T. Vigilante, S. Ward, M. Weston, and E. Woehler. We also thank the many managers who have been successfully applying management principles to Australian birds over many decades. This project was partially funded by the National Environment Science Program's Threatened Species Recovery Hub and Charles Darwin University.