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Female ornamentation and the fecundity trade-off in a sex-role reversed pipefish

Kenyon Mobley, John Morrongiello, Matthew Warr, Diane Bray, Bob Wong

Published : 2018


Female ornaments are a rare occurrence in nature. One explanation for this is that female ornaments are costly to produce and maintain and, therefore, females must trade-off resources related to reproduction to promote ornament expression. Here, we investigate the potential trade-off between female ornamentation and fecundity in the sex-role reversed, wide-bodied pipefish, Stigmatopora nigra . We measured two components of the female ornament, body width and stripe thickness, and tested the relationship between these ornaments and female fecundity and the mean egg size. Both body width and stripe thickness were strongly and positively related to female body size. After controlling for the in..

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