Sovereign Wellbeing Index New Zealand’s first measure of wellbeing

Kate White, Grant Schofield, A Jarden, Lisa Mackay

Human Potential Centre | Published : 2013


Traditionally, the success of a nation has been determined using economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, such measures fail to capture how society is functioning as a whole, and fail to reflect whether people’s lives are prospering in line with economic growth (Michaelson, Abdallah, Steuer, Thompson, & Marks, 2009). In fact, the continual drive to improve national economic measures may be negatively impacting people’s lives through longer working hours, decreased social connections, negative environmental impacts and rising levels of indebtedness (Michaelson et al., 2009; Stoll, Michaelson, & Seaford, 2012). Thus, there is emerging interest in capturing the wellbei..

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