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The Date, Modalities and Legacy of Sulla’s Abdication of his Dictatorship: A Study in Sullan Statecraft.

F Vervaet

Studia Historica: Historia Antigua | Ediciones Universidad Salamanca | Published : 2018


Sulla’s paradoxical dictatura legibus scribundis et rei publicae constituendae has ever remained the subject of controversy, amongst both the ancients (on which see now comprehensively Eckert 2016) and modern Roman historians. One major issue that continues to divide scholarship is that of the tempus legitimum of his dictatorship and, in particular, the approximate time of his abdication, with proposed dates ranging from as early as mid-81 to the summer of 79. This chapter revisits this question and attempts a resolution of the matter by virtue of a careful reappraisal of the extant source material. As a result, this inquiry also casts a new light on the modalities of Sulla’s abdication, his..

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