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Proteomic analysis identifies interleukin 11 regulated plasma membrane proteins in human endometrial epithelial cells in vitro

Joanne Yap, Caroline FH Foo, Ming Yee Lee, Peter G Stanton, Evdokia Dimitriadis



BACKGROUND: During the peri-implantation period, the embryo adheres to an adequately prepared or receptive endometrial surface epithelium. Abnormal embryo adhesion to the endometrium results in embryo implantation failure and infertility. Endometrial epithelial cell plasma membrane proteins critical in regulating adhesion may potentially be infertility biomarkers or targets for treating infertility. Interleukin (IL) 11 regulates human endometrial epithelial cells (hEEC) adhesion. Its production is abnormal in women with infertility. The objective of the study was to identify IL11 regulated plasma membrane proteins in hEEC in vitro using a proteomic approach. METHODS: Using a 2D-differential ..

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Awarded by NHMRC of Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

Work was funded by the NHMRC of Australia: ED is the funding recipient of fellowship #550905 and project grant #388901; PS is the recipient of program grant #494802. The study was also supported by the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program. PHI Data Audit #10-23. Many thanks to Dr. Ellen Menkhorst for editing the manuscript.