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When do dendrometric rules fail? Insights from 20 years of experimental thinnings on sessile oak in the GIS Coop network

Raphael Trouve, Jean-Daniel Bontemps, Catherine Collet, Ingrid Seynave, Francois Lebourgeois



Lowering stand density has been suggested to adapt forests to warmer and drier conditions. Whether common dendrometric rules used to guide growth models and support silviculture are still valid at these densities lower than usual needs be tested. This includes (1) estimating the stand growth-density relationship over wider density gradients (‘Langsaeter’s rule’), (2) testing the stability of site index, and (3) ‘Eichhorn’s rule’ (relating site index to stand growth) at lower densities. Additionally, environmental changes call for a more direct inclusion of environmental drivers in growth models.We investigated the effects of relative stand density (RDI) on stand growth of even-aged stands of..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The PhD thesis Grant of Raphael Trouve was funded by the French National Forest Office and the French Ministry for Forests, Agriculture and Fisheries. Raphael Trouve was also funded by the French Research Agency (ANR) through the 'Oracle' project (CEP&S call, 2010). We thank the many workers that have been involved in establishing and maintaining the GIS Coop network and collecting data over the past 20 years, as well as Patrick Baker for comments on the manuscript. We also thanks two anonymous reviewers for providing constructive comments on the manuscript.