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UTAP - Unique Topologies for Acoustic Propagation: Designing Algorithmic Waveguides for Sensing in Interactive Malleable Interfaces

Jan Rod, David Collins, Daniel Wessolek, Thavishi Illandara, Ye Ai, Hyowon Lee, Suranga Nanayakkara

Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction | ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY | Published : 2017


Construction and sensing within malleable interfaces is usually limited by a number of constraints. Building the interface from diverse combinations of conductive and nonconductive soft materials, such as fabrics or foams combined with various sensors, complicates the manufacturing process and offers limited options in shaping. In this paper we propose "Unique Topologies for Acoustic Propagation" (UTAP), a novel approach for algorithmic design of malleable tangible interfaces. A fundamental feature of our approach is the implementation of algorithmically generated topologically distinct lattices that, attached to piezoelectric (PZT) transducers, allow us to sense and recognize changes in a m..

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