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Compliance with pathology testing guidelines in Australian general practice: protocol for a secondary analysis of electronic health record data.

Gorkem Sezgin, Andrew Georgiou, Rae-Anne Hardie, Ling Li, Lisa G Pont, Tony Badrick, Guilherme S Franco, Johanna I Westbrook, Natalie Rinehart, Adam McLeod, Christopher Pearce, Marianne Shearer, Robin Whyte, Elizabeth Deveny

BMJ Open | Published : 2018


INTRODUCTION: In Australia, general practitioners usually are the first point of contact for patients with non-urgent medical conditions. Appropriate and efficient utilisation of pathology tests by general practitioners forms a key part of diagnosis and monitoring. However overutilisationand underutilisation of pathology tests have been reported across several tests and conditions, despite evidence-based guidelines outlining best practice in pathology testing. There are a limited number of studies evaluating the impact of these guidelines on pathology testing in general practice. The aim of our quantitative observational study is to define how pathology tests are used in general practice and..

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