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The effect of psychosis associated CACNA1C, and its epistasis with ZNF804A, on brain function.

Diogo Tecelão, Ana Mendes, Daniel Martins, Cynthia Fu, Christopher A Chaddock, Marco M Picchioni, Colm McDonald, Sridevi Kalidindi, Robin Murray, Diana P Prata

Genes Brain Behav | Published : 2019


CACNA1C-rs1006737 and ZNF804A-rs1344706 polymorphisms are among the most robustly associated with schizophrenia (SCZ) and bipolar disorder (BD), and recently with brain phenotypes. As these patients show abnormal verbal fluency (VF) and related brain activation, we asked whether the latter was affected by these polymorphisms (alone and in interaction)-to better understand how they might induce risk. We recently reported effects on functional VF-related (for ZNF804A-rs1344706) and structural (for both) connectivity. We genotyped and fMRI-scanned 54 SCZ, 40 BD and 80 controls during VF. With SPM, we assessed the main effect of CACNA1C-rs1006737, and its interaction with ZNF804A-rs1344706, and ..

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