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The crystal structure of bikunin from the inter-alpha-inhibitor complex: a serine protease inhibitor with two Kunitz domains.

Y Xu, PD Carr, JM Guss, DL Ollis

J Mol Biol | Published : 1998


Bikunin is a serine protease inhibitor found in the blood serum and urine of humans and other animals. Its sequence shows internal repetition, suggesting that it contains two domains that resemble bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (BPTI). A fragment of bikunin has been crystallised, its structure solved and subsequently refined against 2.5 A data. The two BPTI-like domains pack closely together and are related by an approximate 60 degrees rotation combined with a translation. These domains are very similar to each other and other proteins with this fold. The largest variations occur in the loops responsible for protease recognition. The loops of the first domain are unobstructed by the rem..

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