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Costs and Benefits of Acting Extraverted: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Rowan Jacques-Hamilton, Jessie Sun, Luke D Smillie

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General | AMER PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOC | Published : 2019


Evidence suggests that extraverted (i.e., bold, agentic) behavior increases positive affect (PA), and could be targeted in wellbeing interventions. However, this evidence is either causally ambiguous or has questionable ecological validity, and the potential costs of sustained extraverted behavior have received minimal attention. To address these limitations, we conducted a randomized controlled trial examining the wellbeing benefits and costs of an extraverted behavior intervention conducted in everyday life. Participants (n = 147) were randomly assigned to an "act-extraverted" intervention or a "sham" (active control) intervention for 1 week in everyday life. Additional data for a contact ..

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