Journal article

Characteristics and outcomes of patients with acute liver failure admitted to Australian and New Zealand intensive care units

Stephen Warrillow, Michael Bailey, David Pilcher, Alex Kazemi, Colin McArthur, Paul Young, Rinaldo Bellomo



BACKGROUND: Knowledge about patients with acute liver failure (ALF) in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) is lacking. AIMS: To evaluate whether the pattern of ALF would be similar to previous studies and whether, despite potentially low transplantation rates, mortality would be comparable. METHODS: We obtained data from the ANZ Intensive Care Society Adult Patient Database and the ANZ Liver Transplant Registry for 10 years commencing 2005 and analysed for patient outcomes. RESULTS: During the study period, 1 022 698 adults were admitted to intensive care units across ANZ, of which 723 had ALF. The estimated annual incidence of ALF over this period was 3.4/million people and increased over time ..

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