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The association between weight at birth and breast cancer risk revisited using Mendelian randomisation

Siddhartha Kar, Irene Andrulis, Hermann Brenner, Stephen Burgess, Jenny Chang-Claude, Daniel Considine, Thilo Dörk, Gareth Evans, Manuela Gago-Domínguez, Graham Giles, Mikael Hartman, Dezheng Huo, Rudolf Kaaks, Jingmei Li, Artitaya Lophatananon, Sara Margolin, Roger Milne, Kenneth Muir, Håkan Olsson, Kevin Punie Show all

Published : 2018


Observational studies suggest that higher birth weight (BW) is associated with increased risk of breast cancer in adult life. We conducted a two-sample Mendelian randomisation (MR) study to assess whether this association is causal. Sixty independent single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) known to be associated at P < 5 × 10 -8 with BW were used to construct (1) a 41-SNP instrumental variable (IV) for univariable MR after removing SNPs with pleiotropic associations with other breast cancer risk factors and (2) a 49-SNP IV for multivariable MR after filtering SNPs for data availability. BW predicted by the 41-SNP IV was not associated with overall breast cancer risk in inverse-variance weight..

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