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Opportunistic infection in previously healthy women. Initial manifestations of a community-acquired cellular immunodeficiency.

H Masur, MA Michelis, GP Wormser, S Lewin, J Gold, ML Tapper, J Giron, CW Lerner, D Armstrong, U Setia, JA Sender, RS Siebken, P Nicholas, Z Arlen, S Maayan, JA Ernst, FP Siegal, S Cunningham-Rundles

Ann Intern Med | Published : 1982


Opportunistic infections and unusual tumors have been reported in an unprecedented outbreak of community-acquired cellular immune deficiency among homosexual and drug-abusing men. We report five women with the same syndrome. The women were residents of metropolitan New York City closely associated with drug abuse either by personal use (our patients) or close sexual contact with an abuser (one patient). One patient was bisexual. All five patients developed Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia as well as combinations of other opportunistic infections including oral candida, disseminated mycobacteria, and ulcerative herpes simplex infections. All patients had marked depression of cellular immune fun..

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