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Effects of Pore Fluid Chemistry and Saturation Degree on the Fracability of Australian Warwick Siltstone

Mandadige Samintha Anne Perera, Kadinappuli Hewage Suresh Madushan Sampath, Pathegama Gamage Ranjith, Tharaka Dilanka Rathnaweera

ENERGIES | MDPI | Published : 2018


Fracability of unconventional gas reservoirs is an important parameter that governs the effectiveness of subsequent gas extraction. Since reservoirs are saturated with various pore fluids, it is essential to evaluate the alteration of fracability of varyingly saturated rocks. In this study, varyingly saturated (dry, water, and brine with 10%, 20% and 30% NaCl by weight) siltstone samples were subjected to uniaxial compressive loading to evaluate their fracability variation. Acoustic emission (AE) and ARAMIS photogrammetry analyses were incorporated to interpret the crack propagation. SEM analysis was carried out to visualize the micro-structural alterations. Results show that siltstone stren..

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