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The CD4-CD8- MAIT cell subpopulation is a functionally distinct subset developmentally related to the main CD8 MAIT cell pool.

Joana Dias, Caroline Boulouis, Jean-Baptiste Gorin, Robin HGA van den Biggelaar, Kerri G Lal, Anna Gibbs, Liyen Loh, Muhammad Yaaseen Gulam, Wan Rong Sia, Sudipto Bari, William YK Hwang, Douglas F Nixon, Son Nguyen, Michael R Betts, Marcus Buggert, Michael A Eller, Kristina Broliden, Annelie Tjernlund, Johan K Sandberg, Edwin Leeansyah

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A | Published : 2018


Mucosa-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells are unconventional innate-like T cells that recognize microbial riboflavin metabolites presented by the MHC class I-like protein MR1. Human MAIT cells predominantly express the CD8α coreceptor (CD8+), with a smaller subset lacking both CD4 and CD8 (double-negative, DN). However, it is unclear if these two MAIT cell subpopulations distinguished by CD8α represent functionally distinct subsets. Here, we show that the two MAIT cell subsets express divergent transcriptional programs and distinct patterns of classic T cell transcription factors. Furthermore, CD8+ MAIT cells have higher levels of receptors for IL-12 and IL-18, as well as of the activating ..

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