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Biodistributions of intact monoclonal antibodies and fragments of BLCA-38, a new prostate cancer directed antibody

T Carter, K Sterling-Levis, K Ow, L Doughty, M Hattarki, D Shapira, D Hewish, AA Kortt, PJ Russell

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy | SPRINGER | Published : 2004


BACKGROUND: Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) are used for targeting agents to tumours while minimizing normal tissue exposure. METHODS: A new anti-prostate cancer MAb, BLCA-38, was radioiodinated (I125) and assessed for its ability to target subcutaneous human prostate cancer (DU-145) xenografts after systemic intraperitoneal administration. For comparison, the profile of J591 MAb (now in clinical trial) against LNCaP-LN3 tumours was examined. Biodistribution profiles were obtained at various times, by assessing injected dose/gram (%ID/g) and xenograft to blood (X/B) ratios. Microautoradiography of xenografts was performed. After conjugation with a melittin peptide toxin, the profiles of BLCA-38..

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