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Cytotoxic properties of immunoconjugates containing melittin-like peptide 101 against prostate cancer: in vitro and in vivo studies

PJ Russell, D Hewish, T Carter, K Sterling-Levis, K Ow, M Hattarki, L Doughty, R Guthrie, D Shapira, PL Molloy, JA Werkmeister, AA Kortt



BACKGROUND: Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) can target therapy to tumours while minimising normal tissue exposure. Efficacy of immunoconjugates containing peptide 101, designed around the first 22 amino acids of bee venom, melittin, to maintain the amphipathic helix, to enhance water solubility, and to increase hemolytic activity, was assessed in nude mice bearing subcutaneous human prostate cancer xenografts. METHODS: Mouse MAbs, J591 and BLCA-38, which recognise human prostate cancer cells, were cross-linked to peptide 101 using SPDP. Tumour-bearing mice were used to compare biodistributions of radiolabeled immunoconjugates and MAb, or received multiple sequential injections of immunoconjugat..

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