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T-2-limited sensing of static magnetic fields via fast rotation of quantum spins

AA Wood, AG Aeppli, E Lilette, YY Fein, A Stacey, LCL Hollenberg, RE Scholten, AM Martin



Diamond-based quantum magnetometers are more sensitive to oscillating (ac) magnetic fields than static (dc) fields because the crystal impurity-induced ensemble dephasing time T2∗, the relevant sensing time for a dc field, is much shorter than the spin coherence time T2, which determines the sensitivity to ac fields. Here we demonstrate measurement of dc magnetic fields using a physically rotating ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centers at a precision ultimately limited by T2 rather than T2∗. The rotation period of the diamond is comparable to T2 and the angle between the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) axis and the target magnetic field changes as a function of time, thus upconverting the static magneti..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Discovery Scheme

Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge valuable discussions with L. P. McGuinness, L. T. Hall, D. A. Simpson, and J.-P. Tetienne. A. M. M. thanks the Institute of Advanced Study (Durham University, U.K.) for hosting him during the preparation of this manuscript. This work was supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Scheme (Grant No. DP150101704).